Thursday, December 1, 2016

General Mattis on Risk

From a profile in Slate:

"Mattis is an evangelist for risk with two core principles. The first is that intellectual risk-taking will save the military bureaucracy from itself. Only by rewarding nonconformist innovators will the services develop solutions that match the threats conceived by an enemy that always adapts. The second is that technology cannot eliminate, and sometimes can't even reduce, risk. Mattis warns about the limitations of sophisticated weapons and communications. They can be seductive, luring military planners into forgetting war's unpredictable and risky nature, leaving troops vulnerable."

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Should Engineers Start Thinking about How They will Work with Non-Humans?

The Trump Dollar

From The Economist this week - -

"Parallels have been drawn with an earlier period of sustained dollar strength. The dollar’s 50% increase between 1980 and 1985 was brutal for America’s exporters. The pressure for higher trade barriers was only defused by the Plaza Accord of 1985, a rich-country pact to weaken the dollar. The biggest concern about the latest dollar rally is that it will spur not agreement but conflict. Mr Trump seems all-too eager to resort to protectionism in a misguided attempt to balance America’s trade. A stronger dollar might be the trigger for such a disastrous move."

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Asia's AI Agenda

Link to the MIT white paper.

Look for the AEC Industry to Embrace Voice Data Integration