Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rain Capture and the Decentralization Movement

Utilizing your own gray water and capturing your rainwater on your property is part of what I think will be the decentralization movement.  Individual citizens and organizations moving from centralized water resources to decentralized systems.  From the Sacramento Bee:
"Los Angeles expects to collect 3.3 billion more gallons a year from projects now under construction. The city eventually plans to capture 20 billion more gallons than the 10 billion it collects during normal years and up to 26 billion gallons during wet years.
Still, many believe more can be done, through projects large and small.
"This is a source of water that has been neglected for far too long," said Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, which authored a 2014 report with the Natural Resources Defense Council that estimated urban California could capture an additional 630,000 acre-feet of rain a year, roughly enough for 1.2 million households. "It is untapped, and it has enormous potential.""

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