Thursday, March 24, 2016

Engineering and the Liberal Arts Need Each Other

Our world is increasingly full of "wicked" interdisciplinary problems that demand interdisciplinary solutions.  The matrix of modern business management is fundamentally about understanding the historical context, economic, social, cultural, and political dimensions of your environment.  Having a strong liberal arts outlook is increasing important for today's unusually uncertain world.

From The Dallas Morning News today by Nicole Head - Why We Need Students With Liberal Studies Degrees:

"Indisputably, some of the most effective solutions to social problems of our age come from thinkers educated in liberal studies programs, because these people have the ability to holistically analyze multifaceted problems and understand the big-picture implications on humanity and relationships. We’ve seen the consequences when we ignore the intersectionality of problems plaguing our world with the recent surge in Zika and Ebola. Human rights and social justice experts are the first responders to global health crises, risking their safety to help others by working in disaster relief to create solutions for homelessness, violence, trafficking and other problems."

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