Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rex Tillerson - Civil Engineering Secretary of State

News reports have Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as the leading candidate to become our next Secretary of State.  Have we ever had a civil engineer this high in the federal government?  From his Wiki page:

Tillerson was born on March 23, 1952 in Wichita Falls, Texas. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout[5] in 1965.[6] In 1970, he graduated from Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1975.[7] During his time at UT Austin, he was involved with the Tejas Club,[8] Longhorn Band,[8] and Alpha Phi Omega.[9] In 2006 he was named a Distinguished Engineering Graduate.

Image result for rex tillerson pictures with drill rig

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