Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Paragraph to Ponder

From Slate:

"Put another way, several years ago Ford took a boatload of government money and promised to spend it on research, development, and processes that would give it the know-how and capability to produce electric and electrified cars in the U.S.—and only in the U.S. And it has delivered. It’s little noticed, but each month Ford’s plug-in hybrids, the C-Max Energi and the Fusion Energi, sell more units combined than the Chevrolet Volt. Armed with the experience, technology, and platforms it has built in the last several years, Ford is plunging ahead into an electrified future. Fields announced Tuesday that the company would introduce 13 electric vehicle models in the next five years, and would soon be producing hybrid versions of its iconic Mustang and Ford-150 in the Detroit area."

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