Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not All Fracking Is Equal

The inequality of developing a hydrofracked natural gas well - - total cost per well in millions
  • Mexico Shale (Mexico) - - $15.1
  • Duvernay Shale (Canada) - - $10.6
  • Neuquen Shale (Argentina) - - $8.4
  • Sichuan Shale (China) - - $4.9
  • Huron Shale (U.S.) - - $1.7
The current issue of the Economist (Put That In Your Pipe) also points out the increasing "localization" of the energy industry:

"The more shale gas America uses, the more local the energy business becomes.  Deliveries from gas basins in the southwest to the markets in the heavily populated Atlantic seaboard in the northeast are dwindling.  The development of the Marcellus shale is displacing long-distance supplies with gas from Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia."

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