Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Texas Natural Gas Industry - Data Breakdown

Texas by the numbers:
  • The amount of U.S. natural gas production that comes from Texas - 30%
  • The amount of U.S. natural gas reserves held by the Lone Star State - 23%
  • The average cubic feet of natural gas produced per day in Texas, the largest amount in the nation - 19.7 billion.
  • The amount of value-added economic output from Texas natural gas industry - $133 billion.
  • 75% of natural gas pipeline shipments (exports) from the U.S. to Mexico come from Texas.
  • The largest natural gas producing county in Texas - Tarrant.
  • The largest natural gas producer in Texas - XTO Energy located in Fort Worth.
  • Number of natural gas jobs in Texas - 1.3 million.
  • Average salary of a natural gas and oil worker - $107,000.
  • Area of the Eagle Ford shale formation - 11 million acres.

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