Friday, December 20, 2013

Four Principles for a Better Public Sector

Very good report from McKinsey - Government by design: Four principles for a better public sector.  The four principles:

Better Evidence for Decision Making
  • Collecting credible performance data
  • Benchmarking consistently against peers
  • Using data to design and improve interventions
Greater Engagement and Empowerment of Citizens
  • Using innovative channels to make services more citizen-centric
  • Soliciting citizen input to improve public services
  • Tapping citizens to help deliver better services at a lower cost
Investments in Expertise and Skill Building
  • Using adult-learning practices to build core capabilities
  • Developing specialized capabilities in critical sectors
  • Sharpening strategic and risk-management skills
Closer Collaboration With Private and Social Sectors
  • Improving government's procurement of products and services
  • Unleashing government's power as a provider of public goods
  • Refining government's role as an economic shaper and integrator

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