Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Red-Blue Nature of the Infrastructure Spending Debate

The challenge of the day - match the headline with the source:

Infrastructure Gap? Look at the Facts. We Spend More Than Europe
U.S. infrastructure spending has plummeted since 2008
Obama Urges Infrastructure Spending to Spur U.S. Economy
It's a Tragedy We're Not Spending More on Infrastructure
Drop in Infrastructure Spending Drives Highway Builders Off Road
Infrastructure Problems In U.S. Go Far Beyond Dollars
Are we spending too much or too little on infrastructure?

Actually, America doesn’t have a trillion-dollar infrastructure crisis

One of the headlines is from Forbes (link), one is from the Washington Post (link), one is from Bloomberg (link), one is from The Atlantic (link), one is from The Wall Street Journal (link), one is from the Huffington Post (link), The Week (link), and AEI Ideas (link).

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