Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Logic of Efficiency and Competition

Technology and advancing automation will require businesses to rethink some of their basic equations. Many are no longer valid.  Your local and national newspaper have learned this (or should have). Most of the educational system is in the process of learning it.  Someone needs to teach our medical system these lessons - - and someday someone like Jeff Bazos will teach them.  Researchers have estimated that 50% of the current jobs will be lost to advancing technology and automation. Doing more with less will have a new meaning this century.

In an era marked by concerns about sustainability, the term "sustainable competitive advantage" is truly an oxymoron.  Nothing in business is sustainable anymore - flexibility and agility are the new sources of competitive advantage.

As the president of Tara Consulting Services noted - "Anything that can be made to sweat more will be made to sweat more."  

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