Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Next Mind Blowing Thing - In Construction!!

From the current issue of Fortune - Drones to Speed Up Construction - a quote by the CEO of drone start up Skycatch Christian Sanz:

"Automating other machines using drone data?  That's the thing that's going to blow people's minds."

I can see this happening in agriculture first - drones talking to the tractor on the ground (I can also see the driveless tractor as the first practical application of autonomous vehicles).  The future of aerial data going directly to a Cat 160M3 grader is not far off.

Construction has a considerable amount of catching up in terms of the worlds of high technology, real-time sensoring, big-data analytics, networking of things/equipment, etc.  As IT costs continue to decline and the demands of owners grow exponentially (Cheaper, Faster, Better), look for a more strategic focus and investment mandate in new information technology from construction owners and executives.

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