Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why ASCE Needs a President Like Frank Underwood

House of Cards is back this weekend with season 3.  The American Society of Civil Engineers with their collection of infrastructure report cards ought to watch episode one. The Underwood Presidency gets the essence of the dilemma far better than the leadership of ASCE. President Underwood understands the  problems of paying for the past at the expense of the future.  From a review of the excellent House of Cards:

With the help of Remy, Frank presents his America Works program to his inner-team. Frank wants to cut entitlements for seniors and use the $32,871 every senior gets to finance jobs in infrastructure, military, and the private sector. After an interruption from team member Paul, who offers a different version of the President’s plan, Frank says he “doesn’t want a version” but “a vision.”

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