Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Upcoming Webinar on Improving Agricultural Water Efficiency

Link to the event on March 6 and description of the event:

Description: Photosynthesis is a water-intensive biochemical process. As part of the photosynthetic process, plants and surfaces release water into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. The greater the biomass and crop yields, the greater the volume of water undergoing evapotranspiration. To conserve water, we need to increase the productivity of water use in terms of crop value yielded for each unit of evapotranspirated water. This global productivity ratio can be broken down into many partial efficiency ratios. These partial ratios cover a number of relevant aspects, including irrigation techniques, crop management and the environmental and climatic conditions present in the area. Furthermore, water use efficiency is just one aspect of the larger economic and resource efficiency. Capital, land, labour and energy are other basic inputs that must considered. For instance, farmers do not maximize water efficiency, they maximize profits. As such, it is essential that profit maximization is aligned with the goal of resource efficiency. This webinar will explain these efficiency ratios, provide numbers about potential improvement gains and discuss the barriers and obstacles to improving them. Lastly, the seminar will address some policy issues related to how governance, institutions and other management can address this issue.

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