Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Ever Expanding Connected World

From RetailWire:

"Last year, Target made high-profile moves into the wellness space, both on the sales floor and in the break room. The retailer swapped out candy for granola at some of its checkouts and announced that it was offering Fitbits to 335,000 employees as part of an effort to promote employee health. Now Target is making a wellness move that appears to be further carving out the healthy niche it sees itself filling. The chain is debuting a portion of the store called the “Connected Health” section.

The retailer is promoting two fitness-tracking products from health device company Qardio as the flagship products of the new section, according to Digital Trends. The devices, QardioArm (a wireless blood pressure tracker) and QardioBase (a wireless smart-scale) are not new to Target’s shelves, but customers will now be able to try out the devices in the store’s new section.

The Connected Health area will consist of six-foot-wide displays in 550 pilot stores and will sell a total of 14 devices, according to Twice. The sections are reported as being part of the stores’ pharmacies, though there is no word on how this relates to the relationship between Target and CVS, which recently acquired Target’s in-store pharmacies."

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