Monday, August 8, 2016

The Era of Not Willing to Invest in Infrastructure

From the Wall Street Journal today - link:

"Plunging global interest rates have made borrowing cheaper than ever. But instead of spending on aging roads, bridges and buildings, many state and local governments are scaling back.

New government-bond issues have dropped to levels not seen in the past 20 years. Municipal borrowers issued about $140 billion in bonds for new projects last year. Adjusted for inflation, that is 53% lower than in 2006 and 21% lower than in 1996. So far this year, municipalities have borrowed $95.1 billion, about $10 billion more than at this time last year.

Seven years after the recession ended, voters and government officials remain scarred by the deep budget cuts they endured at the height of the financial crisis and the sluggish revenue growth that has constrained spending since then."

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