Saturday, February 25, 2017

Concentrate on Being a Matcher

"Economist Tyler Cowen says a big part of thriving in the future will come down to attitude.
"Matchers gain, strivers lose," he writes in a new book, "The Complacent Class."
Matchers, aka enthusiasts, are people who are motivated by personal interests, whether that's record collecting, hiking, cooking, or obsessing about "Game of Thrones." "The enthusiasts are not trying to come out ahead of everyone else; rather, they seek to have some of their niche preferences fulfilled for the sake of their own internally directed happiness," Cowen writes.
Strivers, on the other hand, are motivated by beating others. "These are the people who strive to have the biggest office, bed the most mates, earn the most money, or climb whatever the relevant status ladder might be," Cowen writes.
It's not hard to see how recent trends have favored matchers. This group has benefitted from technology — from Tinder to Spotify to Google — that makes it easier for them to pursue their interests and find other people who share them. Meanwhile, strivers are suffering, faced with more competition than ever and a greater awareness of how many people around the world are beating them."

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