Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Uncomfortable Future - Police Retireees vs. Practicing Civil Engineers

From the Dallas Morning News - - report on the scenario that would refund the City of Dallas pension plan with cuts in DART operations and capital investments.  I fear this is the future in locales with a public pension crisis (which is numerous locations) - - paying for the past by cutting investment in the future.

"Griggs' aim is to ask voters in November to make the choice between using money for DART's future or for public safety workers' retirements.
DART, of course, never thought it would be part of the pension mess. Agency spokesman Morgan Lyons said such a move is "potentially devastating for transit operations." 
Lyons said DART officials would have to consider cuts to train and bus service and perhaps even reconsider their ambitions to simultaneously build a second downtown Dallas rail line, a streetcar and a new suburban rail line to DFW International Airport."

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