Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yoichi Kaya, an engineer at Tokyo University, has come up with a formula for thinking about the key variables that impact level of carbon dioxide we produce. The parameters are defined below:
  • F = Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Includes combustion, flaring of natural gas, cement production, oxidation of nonfuel hydrocarbons, and transport.
  • P = Global Population. Total number of human beings - - approximately six billion.
  • g = Consumption Per Person. Gross world product divided by population.
  • e = Energy Intensity of Gross World Product. Global energy consumption divided by Gross world product.
  • f = Carbon Used to Make All That Energy. Global carbon dioxide emissions divided by Global energy consumption.

To reduce (F), with (P) increasing, the burden becomes addressing (g), (e), and (f). Look to (g) as a key global performance metric.

See June 2010 Wired under Education - Warming Trends.

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