Thursday, October 28, 2010

Negotiations Implementing Strategy - - Focus on Process

Consciously change the game by not reacting to the other side. Take steps to shape the negotiation process as well as the outcome.

  • Acting without gauging how your actions will be perceived and what the response will be.
  • Ignoring the consequences of a given action for future as well as current negotiations.


  • Talk not just about the issues but about the negotiation process: "We seem to be at an impasse; perhaps we should spend some more time exploring our respective objectives and constraints."
  • Slow down the pace: "I'm not ready to agree, but I'd prefer not walk away either. I think this warrants further exploration."
  • Issue warnings without making threats: "Unless you're willing to work with me toward a mutually acceptable outcome, I can't afford to spend more time negotiating."

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