Saturday, September 10, 2011

Serial Mastery

I came across the term "Serial Mastery" in the current issue of the Economist (My Big Fat Career: How individuals can survive in the new world of work).  The term comes from Lynda Gratton of the London Business School and her book - - The Shift: The Future of Work is Already Here (2011).  She highlights the issue of our current education system doing a poor job of equipping people for continuous learning.  We all face the same future - - constantly learning new ways to do a particular job better.  Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, may evolve increasingly into peer-to-peer development networks.  These is also likely to be a wave of innovation in further education, particularly online, that will cater to this need in a more flexible, personalize way that the traditional degree or postgraduate course.  For some people, this evolution will take place within a singe firm offering long-term employment.  According to Gratton, for the growing number of workers the trick will be to jump from one company to another to take advantage of changing skill shortages.

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