Thursday, September 15, 2011

Worrell Water Technologies LLC

My water is not your water.  Better yet, my wastewater is not your water.  Extreme heat and droughts may produce a new facility management operating strategy - - buildings that capture rainfall and runoff for landscaping resuse.  Look also for mini-water treatment - - with the goal of recycling everything from sink water to rain runoff, and reusing it for nonpotable purposes such as toilet flushing.  The era of my wastewater is not your water intersects well with the era of utilizing the right water for the right purpose.

A leader on the treatment side of "off-the-grid-water-consumption-and-resuse" is Worrell Water Technologies LLC.  Their process (Next Generation Living Machine system) collects a building's used water and rain runoff and cleans it in a process akin to the tidal action of a wetland.  Up to 5,000 gallons of wastewater and runoff can be stored beneath the building in a container as big as a bus.  The system pumps the water through gravel-filled planters in the sidewalks and lobby, where bacteria and plants remove pollutants.

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