Saturday, September 15, 2012

Market Update on Smart Water Meters

Excellent report from Pike Research on Smart Water Meters - - Global Outlook for Utility AMI and AMR Deployments: Market Analysis, Case Studies, and Forecasts.

From the Pike Research introduction:

"The smart water meter market is poised for steady growth in the coming 5 years, driven by increasing demand for water itself, aging system infrastructure, and a need among utilities to operate their systems much more efficiently. Some systems were built 50 to 100 years ago and badly need upgrading. As new pipes are constructed, utility operators will simultaneously evaluate the merits of upgrading to the latest meter technology as well. Additional forces that will propel smart water meter shipments will include the need to conserve scarce water supplies, especially in desert regions like the Middle East or Southwestern United States, the need to reduce high levels of non-revenue water, and the need to satisfy regulatory requirements. Growth will also come from emerging markets in Asia Pacific and elsewhere as water metering rises along with rising standards of living and the need to manage this valuable resource efficiently.

However, in spite of these growth drivers, the industry faces several other factors that will be impediments to progress. New smart meters cost more than standard water meters, presenting a budgetary challenge to many water utilities. Smart meters also require additional IT expertise to facilitate data collection and data management – not always a welcome change to risk-averse system operators. And many water utilities are concerned about potential pushback from consumers, given the levels of resistance that some electric utilities have faced from customers in their smart meter rollouts.

This Pike Research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the market opportunity for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), automatic meter reading (AMR), and communication modules for smart water meters. The study includes an assessment of technology issues and market drivers, case studies, and company profiles including SWOT analysis of key industry players. Detailed forecasts for unit shipments and revenue, segmented by technology and world region, are provided through 2017."

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