Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Predictive Maintenance

IBM had a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal on Monday - - "We Used To Schedule Repairs: Now We Predict Them."

The language in the ad paints a picture of old challenges and new opportunities.  Interesting words - -
  • Ever-shrinking budgets
  • Constant streamlining governments
  • Cleaning up after problems
  • Unnecessary downtime
  • Need for change
  • Help prevent
  • Fixing what will break next.  First.
  • Managing its infrastructure proactively
  • Pinpoint
  • Track the lifecycle
  • Replacing intuition with analytics
  • . . . the simplest and most efficient way to fix a problem is to make sure the problem never happens in the first place
Directly from the ad:

"Today, the businesses and organizations that understand the need for change - along with the leaders bold enough to act on it - are using predictive maintenance models to anticipate not only when a problem will occur, but where and how.  With sensors and analytics that scan for problems thousands of times a second, these models can help predict which part will fail, where a pipe will burst or even what storm will be most likely to blow a branch down on a power line.  Which means that instead of fixing things whether or not they need it, they can predict a problem and help prevent it from becoming an even bigger on."

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