Sunday, September 9, 2012

Road Train For The Road Trip

The European Union is funding research on a project called SARTRE.  SARTRE is the first real-world test of a "road train".  The idea involves a convey of cars autonomously following a human-operated lead vehicle (a tractor-trailer) driven by a professional.

Think driving from Dallas to Denver and you are one of four cars following your "leader" - - by reducing wind resistance and traveling at a steady speed, your convoy could improve fuel economy and reduce tailpipe emissions by 20%.  Your 12-hour car trip could become cheaper, more sustainable, safer, and pleasant - - you might be able to enjoy that new book during the trip.

The convoy key is the ability to communicate with and react to one another - - part camera, part radar/lidar senors, part Wi-Fi - - and all software.

Check out the test video

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