Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Corporate Naming Rights for Your Local Waterway?

How do you protect an urban river from pollution?  The Sustainable Raritan River Initiative in New Jersey might be a good case study to explore this question.  Check the report that the local engineering council completed - - Our Blue and Green Infrastructure: New Directions for Stormwater, Flood Mitigation and Management in the Raritan River Basin.  I wonder if "open-sourced" solutions are coming to the public sector?  Critical questions are put forth to the public on some type of "open-sourced" platform - - the goal being a rich and multidisciplinary range of discussions and potential solutions from talented, concerned, and most impacted citizens, community leaders, or just clever people with really good ideas.

This is interesting from the engineering report in the section on funding alternatives.  Maybe Lake Starbucks or Jack-In-The-Box Creek - - would corporate naming rights  of our water resources and public infrastructure (i.e., The Texas Instruments Water Reuse Municipal Center) be the ultimate in public-private partnerships?

Another means of project funding could be to develop a program for corporations and entities which would give them the opportunity to be good environmental neighbors and give them stewardship of an area of the river. It should be a good green neighbor opportunity and the participating corporation would receive good publicity from their sponsorship while providing an ecological benefit. This could be modeled off of the "Adopt-a-Highway" program.

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