Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Georgia House Resolution #4

Water wars - - Texas vs. Oklahoma and Georgia vs. Tennessee.  Our water rivalries seem to follow our football rivalries.
Link to the resolution.

1 Proposing a settlement of the boundary dispute between the State of Georgia and the State

2 of Tennessee; and for other purposes.

3 WHEREAS, when the State of Georgia ceded the Mississippi Territory to the United States,

4 the northern border of the State of Georgia and the southern border of the State of Tennessee

5 was established at the 35th parallel of north latitude and would have been located on the

6 northernmost bank of the Tennessee River at Nickajack; and

7 WHEREAS, a flawed survey conducted in 1818 erroneously placed the mark of the 35th

8 parallel approximately one mile south of the actual location of the 35th parallel of north

9 latitude; and

10 WHEREAS, since that time, numerous resolutions

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