Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Designer Assignment - Finding Good and Bad Design in the World

Have all your project engineers and designers take pictures of anything they thought represented good design (or have them focus on bad design).  Public infrastructure, buildings, cars, electronics, furniture, etc. - - don't set a boundary or discipline.  Have them collect the photos over a six week period.

Have everyone bring their photos in for a working lunch - share all the examples with your project team.  Discuss - - How do individuals define good or bad design?  How does your project team react to the photographs?  Define the user experience based on your photograph.  How would you have designed it differently?

Also think about design in the context of the service sector.  Have your team think and document their service journeys - - from going to the doctor, to getting a license at the DMV, to going through airport security.  Have them bring in their sketched out versions of their "customer journey maps" - discuss at lunch.  Is it an example of a good or bad design?  What changes would you recommend?  What is the problem space?  Explore the solution space with your group.


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