Monday, November 14, 2016

The Trump Infrastructure Plan - Make Rural America Great Again

Several points from the Cowen post - - (1.) What Trump means by infrastructure (i.e., how broad under the infrastructure umbrella) will be interesting - - probably going to view infrastructure through the lens of a real estate developer, (2.) P3s need infrastructure to be monetized - - very hard to monetize infrastructure in rural areas.  P3s are a dense living urban thing - - an urban didn’t win the election for Trump, and (3.) A bunch of small towns in NC for example that lost textile and furniture manufacturing jobs - - never coming back.  Seems to force the issue of a political strategy where getting infrastructure jobs (or any jobs for that matter) to “small” American is critical.

It could be we will have a “large” infrastructure plan directed toward “small” America - - need to watch this.  Could be a complete federal focus shift - - rural, especially rural manufacturing centers are highly targeted.  The hats will need to be redone - - “Make Rural America Great Again”.


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