Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Being Assigned a Persona

A highly interesting interview with CIO magazine - - Dan Kieny, CIO of Black & Veatch.  Many great insights and predictions in the article - from the article:
"Let’s say you are a 23 year old who joins Black & Veatch as a junior CAD designer. In the old world, we would tell you, go to this SharePoint site and subscribe to a community of practice. We envision a new workplace where you will be assigned a persona based on your discipline: electrical, mechanical, or civil, for example. That persona will define the apps you will automatically have access to; and the people who are working on the most relevant work to you will be served up like an ad. Read this. Connect to this person. Here is what others in a similar role are working on.  And because all of this is in the cloud, it will continuously update, and can be accessed from any device.
In our next gen workplace, employees will be able to “like” each other’s work. We will be able to spin-up a new office anywhere in the world. Our vision is to move many of our professionals in the company to an asset-less organization scheme where IT doesn’t procure assets for new employees, we give them personas. Our employees will no longer be attached to a particular office with a workforce; they will be attached directly to people and information. On their very first day on the job, we will have them working -- from any device, connected to peers, expertise, tools and applications."

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