Saturday, April 29, 2017

Add Political Risk to Your Evaluation Matrix

From Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding its Future by Philip Kotler - fourteen short comings in our democracy:

  1. Low voter literacy, turnout, and engagement.
  2. Shortage of highly qualified and visionary candidates.
  3. Blind belief in American exceptionalism.
  4. Growing public antipathy toward government.
  5. Two-party gridlock preventing needed legislation.
  6. Growing role of money in politics.
  7. Gerrymandering empowering incumbents to get re-elected forever.
  8. Caucuses and primaries leading candidates to adopt more extreme positions.
  9. Continuous conflict between the President and Congress.
  10. Continuous conflict between the federal and state governments.
  11. The Supreme Court's readiness to revise legislative actions.
  12. The difficulty of passing new amendments.
  13. The difficulty of developing a sound foreign policy.
  14. Making government agencies more accountable.

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