Saturday, April 29, 2017

Engineers Need to Be More Afraid

From the current issue of Bloomberg Business - BMW to Staff: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid:

"Since January, the carmaker has cycled 14,000 engineers, marketers, and factory managers - through daylong events to prepare them for a time when customers may order a robo-taxi by app instead of buying a car.  In a temporary building at a BMW test track, they participate in workshops and discussions of car-sharing apps, laser sensors, and batteries. In the corners, BMW shows off the vehicles it sees as key to its future:  a self-driving iNext with a retractable steering wheel; a Rolls-Royce whose roof and sides swing open to allow a comfortable exit; a Mini designed for sharing that changes color to suit the driver's mood. "It's easy to fall into a closed way of thinking," says Jutta Schwerdtle who works in market research.  "This helps push people our of that."

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