Saturday, September 26, 2009

Engineering Has Not Followed Suit

In Engineering and Social Justice (2008), engineering professor Donna Riley raises several important and interesting issues:

"The profession of law has a field of public interest, in which the aim is an ideal of social justice, in which the poor are represented as skillfully as the rich, the environment is defended, and rights are extended to those who are not treated justly under current law. The medical profession has it cohort concerned with social justice that establishes clinics to extend access to health care, and public health practitioners make clear the connections between social justice and health problems, advocating fundamental change. How is that the profession of engineering has not followed suit? Why is it so difficult to find communities of engineers interested in social justice? In writing this book, I have come across many more examples of engineers working for social justice than I Imagined existed. Why do we remain so isolated from one another?"

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