Monday, September 7, 2009

Five Dimensions of Success

Provided below is project management success criteria for five dimensions:
  1. Project Efficiency - Meeting time and budget goals.
  2. Impact on the Customer - Meeting requirements and achieving customer satisfaction, benefits, and loyalty.
  3. Impact on the Team - Satisfaction, retention, and personal growth.
  4. Business Results - Return on investment, market share, and growth.
  5. Preparation for the Future - New technologies, new markets, and new capabilities.

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  1. These 5 project management dimentions of success can apply to so many areas. It is very interesting that you would select this as a blog topic and yet not expand on it.

    I would suggest that each of these 5 dimentions would have the overarching element of measurement to evaluate the impact on success. By taking these 5 frames of reference (prinicples) and applying them to daily, weekly, and monthly efforts in a methodical manner with critical evaluation, one could drive efforts forward in a far more effective manner.

    Thanks for the reminder of these principles.


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