Sunday, September 27, 2009


Author Myra Janco Daniels has outlined her secrets of rutbusting in her new book Secrets of a Rutbuster (2009).
  • Savor the adventure of being different. Seek a path to follow, not a place to be. Keep a "what's next" mindset.
  • Master the art of giving. Words of encouragement and sharing your knowledge show people you care and pave the way for repayment.
  • Surround yourself with teachers. Associate with those who know things you don't, have skills you don't and have walked paths you've yet to find.
  • Find what you love - and do it. You do your best work when you "do what you are."
  • Take intelligent risks. Rut-bound people see risk as a disruption of routine. Creative people take calculated risks that extend their comfort zones.
  • Go back to school. Rutbusters ascribe to lifelong learning to prevent career plateaus.
  • Redefine failure. See it as the price for learning what doesn't work.

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