Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jazzy Nails and Tan Spa

I am in Atlanta for the next several days - - attending my son's freshman orientation at Georgia Tech. The admissions office presented the class demographics and statistics - - one interesting point was the improvement in the gender differentiation in his Class of 2014. His incoming class has the best percentage female enrollment in Tech's history - - 36%. It appears very likely that over the next 10 years Tech might just hit a 50/50 gender split in enrollment. This would be a remarkable achievement at the Mecca of southern engineering manliness.

The enrollment statistics are just one of several positive indicators regarding the potential for improved parity in the engineering professions. The other is the type of businesses locating directly next to Tech to serve the surrounding student population. Anytime someone opens up Jazzy Nails and Tan Spa next to historically the "maleist" part of Atlanta - - one should anticipate change on the horizon.

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