Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Walking Dead

AMC has a new show that I would recommend. "The Walking Dead" is part maybe Lost with a little Lord of the Flies, but with zombies (You can probably come up with a multitude of movie combinations, as long as you end with "but with zombies"). The first episode aired on Halloween. It instantly ranked as the most watched scripted series in the history of cable television among 18 to 49 year-olds, a demographic courted by advertisers and by AMC.

The show takes place in and around Atlanta. The episodes were filmed almost entirely on location in Atlanta, where a roughly 30 percent tax credit cut down costs (see previous blog regarding tax tips from Keith Richards - - Gimme Shelter Indeed). Provided below is my rating of the show:

  • Quality of Television Zombies - - Five Stars, could be the best zombies in the history of television.

  • Probability that Engineers Were Responsible for the Zombies - - Low, no indication in the first three episodes.

  • Probability that Engineers Will be Part of the Solution for Surviving Humans - - Unclear, but Atlanta is the home of Georgia Tech.

  • Type Casting of Southerners - - Humans are very high. Zombies appear cast correctly.

  • Sexual Situations - - Humans suffering from P.A.A. (Post Apocalyptic Adultery). Zombies appear non-interested.

  • Nudity - - Humans, none. Zombies, really difficult to tell at times.

  • Set Design - - Five Stars, Atlanta looks the same pre and post zombie attack, especially in the context of traffic.

  • NRA Endorsement - - Extremely likely and would be well received.

  • PETA Endorsement - - Extremely unlikely, especially regarding zombie conduct and relationship toward rats, deer, and horses.
  • NOW Endorsement - - Extremely unlikely for humans. Unclear regarding zombies.
  • Atlanta and Georgia Tourism Endorsement - - Likely, mild climate and wonderful Atlanta scenery are showcased in every exterior scene.

  • Overall Plausibility - - High, Atlanta is the home of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Opening on Halloween at the start of flu season was a big plus.

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