Wednesday, November 3, 2010

PowerPoint and Purpose-Driven Prose

For your next presentation - - think in terms of making a difference. Regardless of the topic and setting - - think in terms of inspiring, educating, and entertaining. Mentally check off to make sure you have covered all three elements. Remember that if you are aiming for purpose-driven presentations - - they need to be ends-oriented. What is the point - - did you get people to embrace an idea, support your point of view, or give you the project?

Purpose-driven presenters are good with the soft skills. Things like reason, emotion, repetition, humor, statistics, stories - - they utilize these elements to help with momentum and the ends-orientation. Finally, look at the sequence of your presentation and always be asking - - "Why is that there?" How does this slide or statement help with the ends-orientation?

Engineers are great with reality - - we just need to make sure that our rhetoric is not at odds with reality.

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