Friday, January 27, 2012

Management Strategy Development and Gamification

Look to a future in both engineering and management where software written for the games industry is put to more serious uses - - the "gamification" of key organizational processes.

Andrew Hill in his Financial Times On Management column (Great gifts for all the managers in your life - - December 20, 2011) came up with his own management tool for the Era of Gamification:

"Call of Duty: Modern Strategy 3.  Available in Wii, Xbox, PS3, S&P 500, and FTSE 100 formats, the new edition of the most popular console game in corporate history, does not disappoint!  In single-player mode, you can still lead your company to world domination, while taking over weaker rivals and destroying new entrants - - all against an apocalyptic backdrop of burning platforms and bleeding-edge technology.  The real excitement is in the online multiplayer version, however, where you'll be forced to collaborate with people you've never heard of, from places you've never visited, or face bankruptcy or worse (NB: 18 certificate - - strategy is not for the squeamish.)"

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