Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation

The "Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation" from The Little Black Book of Innovation by Scott D. Anthony -
  1. Pride - - Forcing your view on the marketplace won't work.  You need a customer-centric starting point to ensure and understanding of what customers want and a broad understanding of what may affect the market's future.
  2. Sloth - - Paying lip service to innovation by not giving people the resources and room they need to create something different.
  3. Gluttony - - Being the market leader often leads to resting on your laurels.
  4. Lust - - Pursuing too many bright, shiny ideas generally means that resources will be spread too thin to turn any of them into reality.  You must prioritize, but don't just think short term.
  5. Envy - - Creating an "us versus them" relationship between core business and growth opportunities makes it difficult for either to focus on their business.  Encourage both by celebrating their wins together.
  6. Wrath - - Innovation involves risk.  Without failure there can be no success.  Punishing the risk takers keeps people in their comfort zones.
  7. Greed - - Putting profits first in the innovative process usually "leads to prioritizing low-potential markets."  Growth requires patience.

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