Sunday, January 22, 2012

Noah and Innovation

Sometimes tragedy breeds innovation and triumph.  The tsunami in Japan last year is a good example - - where engineers have been hard at work at coming up with an individual survival/escape pod.

Dubbing its survival shelter Noah, Cosmo Power describes it as a modern, miniature version of Noah’s Ark. The pod is large enough to hold four adults, floats in water and is made of enhanced fiberglass, which the company says is strong enough to withstand tsunamis, earthquakes, even hurricanes. Breathing holes on top and a small lookout window add to the comfort.

Innovative design should break away existing forms, and demonstrate three characteristics:
  1. Novelty - - The result of innovative design is different from all previously existing products.
  2. Value - - The value of innovative design is related to a human purpose, and should be judged by the customer and society.
  3. Commercialization - - Innovative design is distinguished from the term creative design because it involves commercial transactions.

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