Monday, February 4, 2013

The Raspberry Pi

Every engineering student in the world ought to take a class or be required to complete a project that utilizes something like a Raspberry Pi.  A Raspberry Pi computer, which is actually about the size of a credit card, was created at the University of Cambridge to teach computer science.

The Raspberry Pi is important to all engineering students and fields because:
  • It gives all engineers hands-on-knowledge of computers and operating systems - - a key skill for engineers in a networked world of sensors and the Internet of Things.  From the civil engineer to the chemical engineer - - your world will be increasingly dominated by sensors and networks.  From robotics to an Internet of Things - - we will all be interfacing with a world of software and hardware solutions.
  • It is an excellent product development tool for engineering.  From the chemical engineer to the civil engineer to the industrial engineer - - find and understand problems and opportunities that  would have direct applications for something like a Raspberry Pi.
  • This should be new to all engineers - - which is good.  Lifelong learning is about embracing the new.  Learn something that requires both your hands and head.
  • The Raspberry Pi has a global and fast growing user base.  From writing code to new hardware applications, engineering will increasingly be about"open sourced" solutions and global collaboration.  Engineering needs to also understand the DIY world better.
The Raspberry Pi sells for around $35.

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