Monday, February 11, 2013

We'll All in Sales Now

I would download Daniel Pink's new book , To Sell Is Human, immediately.  Then start reading it - -  immediately.
Pink has a great section (starting on page 170) on The Pixar Pitch.  Commerce is increasingly about telling your story to a global audience.  Unfortunately, many companies and organizations are stuck on telling stories about itself to itself.  We (especially engineering firms) need more outward communication that addresses three questions - - What do you want them to know?  What do you want them to feel?  What do you want them to do?  The art of storytelling supports how and when you address these three questions.
The Pixar Pitch (read former Pixar story artist Emma Coats 22-tips on storytelling at this link.) looks at the art of storytelling as the construction of six sequential sentences:
Once upon a time__________________________.  Every day__________________________.  One day_______________________.  Because of that, __________________________.  Because of that,___________________________.  Until finally_________________________.    
Fill in the blanks with a presentation or product development opportunity you are currently working on.  This six-sentence format is both appealing and supple.  It allows pitchers and storytellers to take advantage of the well-documented persuasvie force of stories.  The process should appeal to engineers - - the six-sentences of The Pixar Pitch also forces both conciseness and discipline.               

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