Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Engineering Better Journalism - Part 2

Technology and journalism are gaining traction on the convergence track as they continue to disrupt and dislodge the old guard of traditional journalism.  I love Wonkblog and look forward to Vox.  Check out Vox Takes Melding of Journalism and Technology to a New Level in the New York Times.  From the article:
"Technology has become crucial to every newsroom, of course, but not all technology has been designed equally. News organizations born in the print era have generally knit together disparate systems over the years to produce websites that integrate graphics, social media and reader comments with various degrees of smoothness.
The result is an increasingly dynamic publishing universe where sites like Vox, Vice and BuzzFeed, and new enterprises like Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept, are luring seasoned journalists as well as a new generation of storytellers.
In this high-tech universe, Vox Media’s content management system — which even has its own name, Chorus, and is used to publish all the company’s websites — has earned recognition. It is credited with having a toolset that allows journalists to edit and illustrate their copy in dramatic fashion, promote their work on social media, and interact with readers — all seamlessly and intuitively."

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