Sunday, April 20, 2014

Growth Areas for Engineers - Survival of the Fittest

Bringing tech to the disaster world of prediction, protection, and response could be big business this century.  The "perfect storm" of more frequent, more intense, and less predictable weather events and natural disasters will have organizations and communities looking to engineers for innovation.

Group your thinking by the following categories and needs:

Area of Engineering
Examples of Technology
Disaster detection – issuing warnings from minutes to hours.
Advanced GPS, sensors, monitors, networks, drones, etc.
Diminish the impacts of storms and climate change – design for resilience with faster recovery times.
Tunnel plugs, absorptive pavement/streets, storm resistant windows/materials, flood gates, storm surge barriers, etc.
Helping first responders – better equipment to move in faster with greater impact.
Drones/UAVs, mobile networks, solar traffic lights, heartbeat detectors, advanced communication, etc.

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