Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Pragmatic Approach to Climate Change Engineering

From the Houston-Galveston Area Council: Foresight Panel on Environmental Effects and their list of specific recommendations (Link to the report):
  1. Use historical climate record and credible climate change projections in planning.
  2. Enhance coordination of evacuation plans and communications systems.
  3. Review and strengthen mutual aid agreements to improve intergovernmental coordination and cooperation.
  4. Adopt and implement water conservation plans.
  5. Utilize tree plantings and green roofs for shading, energy conservation and stormwater detention.
  6. Develop heat wave management plans.
  7. Use alternative paving products.
  8. Enhance shoreline erosion management.
  9. Prepare for increase in wildfires.
  10. Prepare for increased illnesses.
  11. Implement stricter emission controls.
  12. Advocate hurricane resistant building standards as the minimum building code standard for new construction in high risk areas.
  13. Avoid new development in areas particularly vulnerable to flooding.
  14. Avoid construction in areas subject to sea level rise.
  15. Preserve wetland and riparian zones.
  16. Implement regional wastewater treatment.
  17. Implement gray water reuse.
  18. Advocate green building standard region wide.
  19. Build compact communities.
  20. Build livable centers.
  21. Consider appropriateness of different modes of transportation.
  22. Consider a longer term view of infrastructure needs than as planned today.
  23. Creation of financial mechanisms,
  24. COGs should assist legislators.
  25. H-GAC should assist local governments with climate change planning.

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