Monday, October 27, 2014

Infrastructure Asset Management and Art

True innovation is about connecting with ideas from other areas and industries.  The world of art and museums is morphing digitally in ways that would be useful to asset management.  Both art and asset management have a common thread - both are about physical spaces, but with virtual help they could become much more.  Augmented Reality will impact both art and asset management very quickly.

From the Brown Institute for Media Innovation:

Art++ (2014-15)

Meaning Augmenting Art with Technology, Art++ aims to improve the experience of visitors in a museum gallery by proposing a new way of delivering information to them. Using augmented reality, Art++ will offer viewers an immersive and interactive learning experience by overlaying content directly on the objects through the viewfinder of a smartphone or tablet device. The Art++ team consists of Jean-Baptiste Boin, a PhD candidate in electrical engineering at Stanford University, and Colleen Stockmann, assistant curator for special projects at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University.

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