Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Stagnation in the Demand for Cheaper, Faster, Better

From the current issue of ENR.  The world of cheaper, faster, better demands engineers and managers to embrace the realities of longer, harder, smarter:

"The emerging post-recession economy has been a blessing and a curse for many firms, providing new opportunities but also adding cost and resource pressures in bid and proposal decision-making for large and small firms alike. "There is still a pervasive fear about the post-recession economy and competition, fear that we must submit to stay in the game," says Robert Brustlin, CEO of engineer VHB, ranked at No. 76 among the ENR Top 500 Design Firms. "Compression and expectations have both intensified. We are compressed for time, with shorter turnaround for proposals and with expectations for more, more, more technology and visualization on myriad projects, not just the megaprojects.""

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