Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flooding on Main Street

From High Tide On Main Street:Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis by John Englander - - five questions and issues engineers will be involved in:
  1. How much sea level could rise by the middle of this century and beyond.
  2. The factors that could increase or slow future sea level rise.
  3. How far inland shorelines will move as sea level rises, and what the impacts will be.
  4. How soon coastal property values could begin to drop in anticipation of the property eventually going underwater, and what the implications will be for individuals, businesses, the banking system and government at all levels. (Note - - this is very important.  Look for the markets to react far sooner than policy changes and execution.)
  5. How we can begin "intelligent adaptation." (This would be a huge growth industry for engineering and construction compaines - - needs to be part of future strategic planning sessions.)

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