Friday, December 28, 2012

Strategic Thinking in Government

We live in the age of complexity where the need for long-range thinking about the world's unpredictability is paramount.  From fiscal imbalances to climate change - - we face a vast set of challenges.  This may just be the most complex time for the United States in the past half century and perhaps in our history.

It is important to remember that to govern is to choose - - yet we have little confidence that government polices, from the federal to the local levels, are informed by a clear, coherent, and strategic approach.  Too often, the most serious decisions are usually taken in the worst conditions - - after the mega-hurricane or the collapse of a bridge.

The UK has developed an important document that looks at the need for more strategic planning in government.  The UK public administration select committee, which scrutinizes how the government is run produced a report in April 2012 called Strategic Thinking in Government.  I would put this on your 2013 reading list.

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