Monday, December 17, 2012

The Fortune 100 and Renewable Energy

Good report from the WWF, Ceres and Calvert Investment - - Power Forward: Why the World's Largest Companies are Investing in Renewable Energy (Link to the report.)  This is from the Executive Summary:

More than half of the Fortune 100 and more than two-thirds of the Global 100
have set GHG emissions reduction commitments, renewable energy commitments
or both. As corporations turn to renewable energy to reduce GHG emissions and
meet specific sourcing goals, companies are driving significant new investments
in renewable energy. Though these pockets of activity are encouraging, with
the proper policies, companies could set even stronger renewable energy
Among the combined Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies, nearly two dozen
have set public, voluntary renewable energy commitments. These include globally
recognized brands like AT&T, Dow Chemical, General Motors, Google, HSBC,
Procter & Gamble, Volkswagen and Walmart.  

Global corporate renewable energy commitments are driving global purchasing.
For many of the Fortune 100 and Global 100 firms, action on renewable

energy is not limited to regional or national levels; it is planned across a global
scale. In order to meet their renewable energy targets, companies are developing
comprehensive purchasing strategies in every market where they have a
significant presence—often in countries core to their supply chains.
Looking at corporate targets by sector, in the Fortune 100, the Materials and
Telecommunications sectors have the highest share of companies who have set
both GHG and renewable energy commitments. The Industrials and Financial
sectors have the highest share of companies that have set GHG targets only.
The Energy sector, followed by Health Care, lags in setting either a GHG or
renewable energy target (see chart, opposite top).

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